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“Oz is kind of collaborator who spots (and seizes) opportunities in the work. His lighting designs make sense, are as understated or dynamic as the moment calls for, and carry fine detail and care.”

Ashlie Corcoran
Artistic Director/Director
(Thousand Island Playhouse/ Don Giovanni)


“It’s always a pleasure working with Oz: he’s always well-prepared, no matter how busy he is, and he’s incredibly resourceful and adaptable to the challenges of every project—be it working on the fly in a festival with a tight time frame, troubleshooting an outdoor show, or finding creative hang points to execute a tricky look.  He’s a valuable collaborator with a thoughtful and dramaturgical approach to lighting design.”

Ted Witzel
(LULU and Alls Well That Ends Well)


“I started working with Oz in 2015 as a lighting designer and tour manager. Oz is a dedicated artist and collaborator, a joy and a privilege to work.”

Jennifer Dallas
Artistic Director/Choreographer
(Kemi Contemporary Dance Projects)


“Oz is one of my favourite collaborators. He knows how to challenge me (as both a writer and director) while also helping me realize my vision for a given piece. And he’s able to do it with a smile and an infectious spirit. I love working with him, and will do it again and again.”

Rob Kempson
(Maggie & Pierre and Shannon 10:40)


“Oz is an astute designer and collaborator – the sort who’s dramaturgically sensitive and savvy. What’s more, I find that he’s undaunted by creative challenges and has an uncanny gift for generating the right solution.”

Andrew Kushnir
Creative Director/Director
(Project Humanity/Freedom Singer)